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How to Find Missing Mail or Claim USPS Lost Package

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Find Missing Mail

Whether you are sending it or receiving it, your mail is important to you and the United states Postal Service. When mail is lost or delayed, we want to find it. If you think your package or mail is lost or delayed, follow these steps to help us find missing mail.

How to Start Your Search of Missing Mail

  1. Check the Current Status: Before you begin your search, if your package or mail has tracking, check USPS Tracking to see its current status.
  2. Complete a Help Request Form: We recommend that you complete our online help request form before you start a missing mail search. Please use a desktop computer to submit your form. We’ll forward your request to your local Post Office facility to help locate any missing items.
  3. Submit a Missing Mail Search Request: If your mail or package has not arrived within seven business days of submitting your online help request, include the following information in your Missing Mail search request:
    • Sender mailing address.
    • Recipient mailing address.
    • Size and type of container or envelope you used.
    • Identifying information such as your USPS Tracking numbers, the mailing date from your mailing receipt, or Click-N-Ship label receipt.
    • Description of the contents such as what it is and the brand, model, color, or size, if applicable.
    • Pictures that could help us recognize your item.
usps find missing mail

Informed Delivery Users: USPS Informed Delivery provides a digital preview of your incoming mail. There may be occasions where a mail item may be delayed in reaching its destination.

How do I begin the USPS lost package claim process?

The first thing you should do if your USPS package goes missing or is lost is not to panic and instead call the mail or package delivery company or USPS customer service. If you were insured and the mail or packages did not reach you, you should file a claim. Whether you are the sender or the receiver, the claim service works for you.

We thought it would be best to create a simplified guide to help our readers understand the seamless process of filing a claim on USPS after receiving numerous inquiries from readers regarding the process of claiming lost, missing, or damaged mail. If, seven days after delivery, you have not received your mail or package. You must carry out the required actions. Open the Find Missing Mail app first. After that, you need to go to the tracking page to see where your package is at the moment.

You must first complete the help request form and then submit a missing or lost package search request to initiate the claim. Finally, you can get in touch with your local consumer affairs office or post office by calling 1-800-272-8777.

USPS Expresses Conveyed IN Letter drop However NO Bundle

At the point when you actually look at your USPS online record, and you notice that the bundle that hasn’t been conveyed to you is checked conveyed. Then a problem might arise. The best course of action is to notify the United States Postal Service (USPS) or your local post office that your package or mail has not been delivered. Many people face this issue but are unsure of what to do. You can also find out from your courier company when and if they picked up the package or letter.

In the event that that is not the situation, if it’s not too much trouble, contact or visit USPS or your nearby mailing station, separately.

How do I submit a request for a missing package?

Visit Missing to submit a request for a lost or missing package. You must either sign up or log in to continue. Fill out the Complete Search Request Form right away. Make sure you give everything you need to know.

After you have completed the form, click “Submit” to be informed that your search request has been received. You have seven days to submit the draft form if you are unsure whether or not to file the search request form.

When is the Best Time to Request a Package That Is Missing or Lost?

You can file a claim for a lost or missing package 365 days after the date the package was sent. Nonetheless, that course of events isn’t the most ideal best for you, however the prior you present your absent or lost bundle demand. The sooner your issue is looked into.

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