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LiteBlue USPS Virtual Timecard – Virtual Timecard

The LiteBlue USPS Virtual Timecard is a new application to USPS LiteBlue as an “Employee App – Quick Link” option. It is designed to provide secure near real-time access to an LiteBlue employee’s own time clock entries and their accrued workhours as recorded in the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS). The data in the Virtual Timecard is refreshed approximately every 5 minutes.

Time clock employees, including those who use an Electronic Badge Reader (EBR) to record their clock rings, will be able to view their clock rings, and accumulated workhours by workhour category, for the current pay period, every day, anytime, using their own computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

liteblue usps virtual timecard

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How to Access the LiteBlue USPS Virtual Timecard

To access LiteBlue USPS Virtual Timecard follow below steps:

  1. First employee login to LiteBlue.
  2. Now click on Virtual Timecard Icon in LiteBlue Carousel.
  3. Virtual Timecard landing page appears. Now click on ‘I Agree’.
  4. Virtual Timecard clock rings and workhours by category for current pay period appear.
  5. You can view current pay period totals by pay level worked are displayed at the bottom.

Virtual Timecard Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where does Virtual Timecard data come from?

A) Virtual Timecard data comes from clock rings recorded in the Time & Attendance Collection System (TACS).

Q) How often is Virtual Timecard data refreshed?

A) Virtual Timecard data is refreshed approximately every five minutes.

Q) Who should I contact if I have any questions about or errors or omissions I see on my Virtual Timecard?

A) Please contact your immediate supervisor.

Q) How do I take a Screenshot of my Virtual Timecard on Smart Devices (Phones, Tablets) and Computers?

A) See the attachment “How to Take a Screenshot of your Virtual Timecard on Smart Devices (Phones, Tablets) and Computers”.

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