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Priority Mail – Features & Pricing, Weight, Size

Priority Mail service includes delivery in 1-3 business days1 and tracking. The Priority Mail Delivery Map provides estimates for delivery times. With Priority Mail Flat Rate, you can send packages that weigh up to 70 pounds to any state for the same cost. With the Click-N-Ship service, you can ship from any Post OfficeTM location or from your house or business. Costs start at $9.35.

Table of Contents

Features & Pricing Priority Mail

  1. Quick turnaround time: 1-3 days for business1.
  2. Free Bundle Pickup3 administration at your home or office.
  3. Includes USPS Tracking and insurance worth up to $100 with most shipments6 (subject to restrictions).
  4. No fuel surcharges; rural or residential delivery; or Saturday delivery.
  5. Pricing options include prepaid and flat rate (only for retail).
  6. Flat-Rate Priority Mail Prepaid for Life. Prices for Mail are determined by weight and zone, with the exception of Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging. Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate gives you the same flat rate pricing with the added benefit of Forever postage.
  7. Service for USPS Label Delivery: Use Click-N-Ship to ship online and request a physical outbound label; For $1.25, we’ll print it and send it to you.

Weight, Size, & Shape Requirements

Pay only one cost when you use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging:
1. Use our Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes or Boxes, which come in standard sizes so that you don’t have to worry about measuring them, and you’ll pay the same price for mailpieces weighing up to 70 lbs and going anywhere in the United States.
2. The container flaps must be able to close within the normal folds when sealing a Flat Rate Envelope or Box.

Pay by weight and zone (distance) and use your own box:
1. Pay for your package in accordance with its weight and speed (the zone). Most extreme weight is 70 lbs.
2. To ensure that your package meets the requirements for size, you will need to measure it.
3. Most extreme joined length and size (bigness is the distance around the thickest part) is 108 inches. Additional Fees for Measuring Packages:
4. Large, lightweight packages are subject to dimensional (DIM) weight rates. If the volume of your package is greater than 1,728 cubic inches:
5. To determine the DIM weight in pounds, multiply Length by Width by Height, then divide by 166.
6. You will be required to pay the DIM weight price if the DIM weight is greater than the actual package weight.
7. You will be charged a dimension-noncompliance fee if you provide inaccurate dimensions or fail to pay the DIM weight rate (when applicable).

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