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Share Mail USPS and How does it work?

Businesses and organizations can use Share Mail to share information not only with their customers but also with other parties by having those customers send Share Mail letters and postcards to other parties without having to stamp them. The person who creates and distributes the mail pieces pays for the postage.

Share Mail letters and postcards can be sent to franchises and customers by organizations that sign up for the service (most businesses include the Share Mail piece in a mailpiece). Beneficiaries of the mailpiece can then advance the encased Offer Mail part of others by keeping it into the mailstream as they would with other homegrown, single-piece Top notch Mail. Each piece of mail that moves through mail processing equipment is identified and counted by Share Mail using Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) technology.

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How does Share Mail work?

As the commercial mailer, you decide the message to send as you design and prepare your card or letter. The Share Mail item is enclosed in a direct mail piece that is mailed out to customer lists and customers can then mail the enclosed postcard or letter to a friend or neighbor. Mailers who put unique barcodes on their Share Mail letters and postcards can also acquire tracking information about when and where the piece was sent.

Does it cost anything?

Yes, as the mailer, you pay postage to cover the mailpiece circulating throughout the USPS mail system. Because Share Mail pays the advanced postage, your customers can address your note and drop it in the mailbox. Visit for all Share Mail information, including FAQs, and layout guidelines.

Can Share Mail items be sent internationally? Are there Share Mail packages?

Share Mail items can only be sent to domestic addresses (includes APO/FPO/DPO addresses). Share Mail is also limited to First-Class Mail letters or postcards that weigh no more than 1 ounce.

I’m a business owner – how do I get started with Share Mail?

Participants and/or Mail Service Providers (MSPs) can fill out a registration form on the Business Customer Gateway (BCG). After signing in (or registering for the first time), click on Mail Services to access the Share Mail section.For all Share Mail information, including FAQs, and layout guidelines, visit

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