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Informed Delivery for Business Mailers & Shippers

Informed Delivery for Business Mailers & Shippers:

Create once, Connect anywhere. The Announced Delivery® feature offers residential, business, and eligible PO Box customers a digital preview of their mail and packages. Announced Delivery gives direct mail companies and shippers the ability to engage users through integrated mail or package digital marketing campaigns to generate more impressions, interactions, and information for consumers.

How it works for Customers

Users have the ability to view grayscale images of the outside, inside addresses of incoming mail-sized mail items. Message images are available via email notifications, online dashboards, or mobile apps.

The process is very simple:

  1. Customers who subscribe to delivery notifications are notified.
  2. Messages and packages are photographed and digitized during processing.
  3. Mail and parcels are matched to distribution points and interactive mail or parcel campaigns are applied.
  4. Customers receive mail item pictures or package tracking information and accompanying pictures. The customer receives the parcel or physical package.

Value of Delivery Notice:

Informed Delivery can help shippers increase the reach of their marketing campaigns through a synchronized digital and physical touchpoint. This feature allows you to:

  • Reach interactive consumers: Tapping into an engaged user base yields above-average email open rates.
  • Increase interaction: Generate multiple impressions from a single message.
  • Encourage faster responses: Offers, interactive content, and clear calls to action to help drive consumer response.
  • Reach digital customers from their physical address: Expand your reach and audience. Get more for your money. Potentially increasing return on investment (ROI) for your campaign.
  • Measure campaign performance: Get valuable data insights that can help you optimize your marketing spend.

Sign up to Receive notification delivery notifications

In addition to using push notifications to market your business services, you can also sign up to receive mail alerts that reach you. Preview your company’s incoming USPS packages and mail with delivery notifications delivered each day:

  • Receive Email Notification Daily Mail preview and your package will arrive soon.
  • View an image of your incoming mail in letter size (grayscale, address-side only).
  • Track and manage your packages in one convenient place.

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