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USPS Money Order – How to redeem domestic currency

USPS Money Order Send Payment Instructions

Use postal money orders as a safer alternative to cash or personal checks when sending money by mail. US postal money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and do not expire. A money order receipt allows you to track your payment and prove its value in the event the money order is lost, stolen, or damaged. Postal money orders can be purchased or redeemed at any post office.

Domestic Money Transfer Method

  • Specifies the amount of the exchange. You can ship anywhere in the US up to $1,000 in a single order.
  • Let’s go to a post office somewhere.
  • Bring cash, debit card or traveler’s checks. Payment by credit card is not possible.
  • Complete your payment order with the retailer representative at the counter. You pay the dollar equivalent of the exchange and the issuance fee.
  • Please keep your receipt to track your payment order.

How to redeem Domestic Currency

Domestic postal money orders do not expire and do not accrue interest. Money orders will be redeemed for the exact amount of the order. USPS money orders can be redeemed at post offices free of charge. You can also redeem at most banks and some stores. Rural shippers can cash money orders if they have sufficient funds.

Exchange money at the post office:

  • Do not sign money orders.
  • Bring your primary photo ID along with the money order to the post office.
  • Sign the money order at the counter in front of the retail store clerk.

Replace lost, Stolen or Damaged Money Orders

USPS Money Order Lost or stolen money orders

  • Postal money orders cannot be stopped, but lost or stolen money orders can be replaced.
  • It may take up to 30 days to confirm a lost or stolen money order.
  • Investigations into lost or stolen money orders may take up to 60 days.
  • A fee of $17.30 will be charged for lost or stolen money orders.

Request a refund

  • I will take the postal money order receipt to the post office. To initiate a postal money order request, speak to the retailer at the counter.
  • After initiating a request, you can access the exchange application to check the status of your exchange and the progress of your request.
  • If the postal money order is confirmed to be lost or stolen, we will issue a replacement postal money order.

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