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LiteBlue eCareers

You must be a career employee in order to use LiteBlue eCareers to apply for jobs. You cannot use eCareer to apply for a job if you are a non-career employee, also known as a temporary employee. In the event that you end up being a non-profession representative, you can go after remotely posted positions by means of this URL: Before applying, you will need to either create an external account or log in to an existing external account. The focus of LiteBlue eCareers is exclusively on career employees-only internally posted positions. Additionally, Postmaster Reliefs have access to the eCareer portal. They are permitted to submit applications and compete for internal career 6-hour Postmaster openings. Additionally, they must ensure that positions are available within their districts, taking into account career bargaining employees.

liteblue ecarrers

Accessing LiteBlue ECareers

  1. Navigate to the USPS LiteBlue website by typing “” into the address bar and then press the enter key.
  2. From the entry page of the LiteBlue website, type your Employee ID and USPS Password in the fields provided and then tap or click the Log on button.
  3. This will open the LiteBlue portal homepage. In the center column of the page, locate the sliding banner titled “Employee Apps ‐ Quick Links” and tap or click the slide titled eCareer.
  4. This will open the eCareer landing page. On the upper right‐hand side of the page, tap or click the text link that reads “Go to eCareer Now!”. This will load a new portal website containing your eCareer personal pages. (Note: If you receive a message stating that you are not authorized or don’t have permission to access this page, you may need to contact the LiteBlue IT Help Desk at 1‐800‐USPS‐HELP and/or the HR Shared Service Center at 1‐877‐477‐3273, option 5. WEEKDAYS ONLY).
  5. The Personal Pages portal is presented in three sections: Career Opportunities, Personal Settings, and Candidate Profile.
  6. You may create or modify the information contained in your candidate profile by tapping or clicking the “Candidate Profile” text link in the Candidate Profile section.
  7. This will open an editable version of your current Candidate Profile.
  8. The process of creating a Candidate Profile consists of eight (8) data entry forms and a final form to confirm that your profile is complete and ready to be used for job considerations. Initially, only tabs for the first five (5) forms are visible in the main tab menu across the top of the Candidate Profile page by default. This includes: Communication Data, Work Experience, Education, Training, Special Skills / Associations
  9. You may advance through each form individually by tapping or clicking the corresponding tabs in the main tab menu or by following the arrow(s) on each item in the tab submenu. For example, tapping or clicking the arrow to the right of the Work Experience tab in the tab submenu below will advance you to the Education form and then one form at a time through to the final form. At any time, you may load the second set of tabs by tapping or clicking the Last Entry button located to the right of the main tab menu. Don’t forget to tap or click the Save button at the bottom of each data entry form to save your information prior to advancing to the next form.
  10. The second set of tabs provides access to the following three (3) data entry forms and the final confirmation form Summary of Accomplishments, Attachments, Data Overview, Finalize Profile.
  11. When you have completed and reviewed your information, advance to the Finalize Profile form to confirm that your profile is complete. Check the box next to “I have completed…” then tap or click the Save button on the bottom of the page to save your changes. To return to the Personal Pages portal, tap or click the “Personal Pages” text link at the top of the page under the “Candidate Profile” header. And view all currently available job listings for the required position.

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