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Create a profile & apply for USPS

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Create a profile and apply

Now is the time to complete your USPS application and create a profile. As you navigate the system to complete both, you can use this page as a resource for any questions you may have. Peruse the data gave here to make this piece of the cycle as simple as could be expected.

Create a profile Your general information will be stored in a Candidate profile, where you can create a unique username and password that you can use on any computer at any time. You can look for occupations without making a profile. However, you must first create an application in order to apply.

After creating a username and password, you will add your personal information to your profile. Start right here:

Sign into account

Assuming you have forgotten your username or secret phrase, you might recover if by choosing either the “Client Name Neglected” or “Secret phrase Neglected” connect that shows up in the lower right corner of the Login page and following the means gave. You can also use the links below:

Accommodating ways to deal with your profile

  • You may just make one profile.
  • The profile will supply a large part of the data for your application and can be reused across isolated positions for which you apply.
  • By going to that particular page or section to make changes, you can edit specific sections of your Career profile or application. You can’t alter the “Information Outline” on the “Survey/Delivery” screen.
  • By making your Up-and-comer profile, you are presently ready to sign into your record whenever to finish up applications.

Master your application:

Just like any other company, USPS looks at each applicant’s education, training, and skill set to see how it relates to a specific job opening. We recommend doing a few things when filling out the application to ensure that you are prepared for success.

  • Ensure that you finish up all things that are obligatory and set apart with a bullet (*).
  • If you have one, we suggest you upload it.

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