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Registered Mail and How Does Registered Mail Work?

What is Registered Mail from USPS?

The U.S. Postal Service offers Registered Mail for clients sending important or indispensable things through the mail. With proof of mailing and delivery, registered mail protects important and valuable customer correspondence as well as internal correspondence. Additionally, in the unlikely event of loss, theft or damage, your shipments can be insured for up to $25,000. The cost of Registered Mail is based upon the declared value of your shipment with rates at $15.25 and up and up.

You can use Registered Mail with the following mail classes and services: First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Collect-on-Delivery, USPS Tracking for packages only, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt and Signature Confirmation for packages only. Please note that due to the tight security provided for Registered Mail, it may take 10–14 days for your shipment to arrive at its destination.

How Does Registered Mail Work?

Registered Mail is the most secure way to send a package through the USPS. As part of the security conditions for this mail class, Registered Mail must be sent with proof of mailing which requires a trip to the Post Office (you cannot deposit your package in a collection box). In addition, you must obtain a Registered Mail barcode Label 200 from the post office at the time of mailing. When you send your package, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to obtain detailed delivery information via USPS online.

registered mail

What are the characteristics of Registered Mail and Restricted Delivery?

The most secure United States Postal Service® mail service (protected by safes, cages, sealed containers, locks, and keys).

  • Must be presented to a retail employee or rural carrier.
  • Requires a signature upon delivery.
  • Mailers using Registered Mail Restricted Delivery can direct delivery only to the addressee (or addressee’s authorized agent).
  • Delivery information provides delivery status or attempted delivery status when the item reaches its destination. Tracking is not provided as the item is en route to its destination.
  • Registered Mail can be sent to military locations. However, delivery information is not available for items destined to an APO / FPO / DPO.
  • A system of receipts is provided to monitor movement of mail from the point of acceptance to delivery. These receipts are not readily available and can only be accessed by initiating a claims form, which cannot be completed by phone.

What domestic mail classes and services can be sent as Registered Mail ?

Domestic Registered Mail is only available for Mail Classes:

  • First-Class Mail.
  • First-Class Package Service-Commercial.
  • First-Class Package Service – Retail.
  • Priority Mail.

Planning Registered Mail Packages

USPS Help with Planning Register Mail Packages:

USPS representatives are not allowed to help clients plan or seal mail to be enrolled. Any envelope or bundle that seems to have been opened and resealed, or generally inappropriately ready, may not be enrolled. Retail staff at any post office, station, or branch can accept Registered Mail items for mailing and shipping. Registered Mail can also be accepted by rural carriers, provided that the necessary postage and fees are paid in advance.

Sending Cash: Registered Mail is required for commercial customers shipping cash worth more than $500. Additionally, regardless of the amount, commercial mailers cannot ship cash in USPS packaging.

Customers who send cash amounts of up to $500 to non-commercial recipients and $500 to commercial recipients can continue to use services other than Registered Mail. However, insurance is only included with Registered Mail and is payable in full up to a $50,000 limit. Check out “What Additional Services Are Available?” to obtain additional details.

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