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International Insurance and Extra Services

International insurance and additional services & Add proof of postage, delivery confirmation, etc.
Enjoy more peace of mind when shipping internationally with USPS® products:

  • Many of our express services include USPS international insurance.
  • You can add additional insurance for some shipments.
  • You can also purchase proof of postage and confirmation receipts.

Table of Contents

International Insurance Options

Global Express Warranty Insurance: Our Global Express Assurance® service automatically compensates up to $100 in the event of loss, damage or reproduction of documents. If you need more coverage, you can purchase coverage up to $2,499. Some country restrictions may apply.

Priority international courier insurance: Priority Mail Express International® includes up to $100 document reproduction insurance and up to $200 cargo insurance against loss, damage or missing content. It is possible to have an extra cover for the goods; country-specific bans and restrictions apply.

Priority international courier insurance: International Priority Mail Insurance Priority Mail International® shipments containing goods are insured against loss, damage or lack of content for up to $200 at no additional cost. Priority Mail International shipments containing non-negotiable documents are insured against loss, damage or lack of content for up to $100 for reproduction of the document at no additional charge. International Priority Mail Insurance.

Registered mail service: This service provides additional protection and security during transit and within the United States. The compensation ceiling for Registered Mail® shipments is much lower than for insured mail. Each country’s bans and restrictions apply.

Proof of Postage and International Delivery:

Acknowledgment: Get proof of delivery. Confirmation is available for registered shipments or parcels covered by Priority Mail International when additional insurance is purchased in addition to the included coverage. Availability varies by country.

USPS International Electronic Shipping Confirmation: Get international shipping confirmation for light packages. With the USPS Electronic International Shipping Confirmation service, get notified of the delivery date, time, or delivery attempt for your package.

Postal Certificates: The Postal Certificate Service provides proof that you sent an item when you say you sent it. This official profile only shows the date your letter was accepted. It does not provide shipping records or insuring items against loss.

USPS Tracking Plus: Purchase an extended tracking history for your item and receive a USPS Tracking Plus statement by email upon request. Get access for up to 10 years.

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